What does ORP Mean?

ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential

What does the Oxidation Reduction Potential Measure?

Antioxidant Fruits

ORP is a value that measures the proportion of oxidizing ions and reduction ions in a solution. If this is a negative value, this solution is an electron donor and can be easily oxidized. If this is a positive value, the solution is an oxidizing solution and can easily be reduced. The value is shown in millivolts (mV) and is used as a reference to display the degree of chemical reaction. If your ORP test comes back with a positive number that solution is oxidizing and it will cause cellular degeneration and aging. On the other hand if you do an ORP test and the solution shows a negative number that solution is an anti-oxidant and promotes optimal cellular health.

If you test a solution and it comes up as a large positive number like +500 (like many sodas) it is very bad for your health because there is no possibility that that can neutralize any free radicals in your body and it is actually speeding up cellular degeneration. On the other hand if you do an ORP test and your drink’s ORP is a negative number like -600 (some Kangen water is even lower) that means that there is a huge potential for that water to neutralize free radicals in your body. Free radicals are searching for free electrons to balance and something with a low ORP will give them what they need and neutralize them. If you don’t have something (antioxidants) that will neutralize the free radicals they will steal them from healthy cells in your body and damage them.

The best way to visualize this is to cut an apple in half and leave it on the counter. What happens to apples when you leave them out in the open? They turn brown because they are exposed to the air and they are being oxidized. The same thing happens to your cells if they are attacked by free radicals. They get damaged and die which causes things such as aging, sickness, and disease. So how do you combat the never ending attack of free radicals so that you don’t end up looking like the old rotting apple on your counter? Simple, counterattack with antioxidants. Kangen water is the most powerful antioxidant out there and the best part is that it can come out right from your tap.