What is Kangen Water?

You keep hearing about Kangen water but what is it?

What is Kangen Water and what can the different waters be used for?

Enagic's Kangen Water Machine Control PanelPh test using Sprite, Gatorade, Aquafina, Dasani, and Kangen Water
Ph test using Sprite, Gatorade, Aquafina, Dasani, and Kangen Water. Everyone knows that drinking pop is not good for your health but what about the other drinks tested here?

Kangen Water is healthy micro-clustered alkalized water rich in minerals and antioxidants which has been purged of impurities, made from your tap water right in your own home!

Kangen water is made using regular tap water that goes through Enagic's water technology. First your tap water is filtered with Enagic's high grade filter in the machine then it is ionized and alkalized through electrolysis. Unlike distilled water or Reverse osmosis water the filter in Enagic's Kangen water machines allows minerals to pass through it so the water can be used many different ways.

Water ionizers from Enagic produce 7 types of water. Kangen water machines produce 4 alkaline waters, 2 acidic waters, and 1 neutral water (Drinking water, Clean water, Beauty water, Strong Acidic water, and Strong Alkaline water). The different water pH levels can be used for different things such as drinking, cleaning, cooking, and as a beauty product. See the chart below to learn more about how you can use the 7 types of Kangen water in your home.

Everyday Uses of 7 Types of Waters Produced by Kangen Water!

Strong Alkaline Water
(11.5 pH)
Drinking Water (8.5-9.5 pH) Clean Water(7.0 pH) Beauty Water (6.0pH) Strong Acidic Water (2.5pH)
Cleaning/ De-greasing Drinking
Making Coffee & Tea
Preparing baby formula Washing Face
Hand Sanitizer
Emulsify oil Making Coffee & Tea Taking Medication Washing Hair Disinfecting counter tops
Mix with essential oils and use as linen spray Making tea with cold water Watering plants Cooking Beans Clean cuts and scrapes
Cleaning Clothes Drinking Water for Pets For use in Aquariums Cleaning Burnt Pots & Pans Disinfect Utensils
Blanch Vegetables Reduce symptoms of hangovers Drinking with a meal Boiling Eggs Disinfect Medical Equipment