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Frequently Asked Questions about Enagic and Kangen Water

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What is the kangen water machine filter made of and what does it remove?
How do I change the Kangen water machine filter?
Can you prove Kangen Water is micro-clustered?
Is Enagic's Kangen Water a Scam?

What is the kangen water machine filter made of and what does it remove?

Enagic’s triple layer filter, with a spherical antibacterial active carbon filter is composed of a mechanical filter, and calcium-bisulphite, which is approved as a food additive. This filter produces healthy water and removes rust, muddiness, and does not remove important minerals. Filter change will be notified by the LCD, voice or alarm sound (Jr II does not have sound notification.
Inside of a Kangen Water Machine FilterSide panel of SD501 Enagic Filter ReplacementSide panel of SD501 Enagic Filter Replacement

How do I change the Kangen water machine filter?

The HGN Filter from Enagic is good for 1500 gallons or 5678 litres. You are able to order a filter by phone, email, or fax from one of the two offices in Canada. The old HG filter does not fit into the newer machines so make sure to ask for the HG-N filter.

To Change your Kangen water machine filter follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the panel that covers the filter area
  2. Turn the ring that holds the filter in place to the left. It should say remove and install so turn it in the direction that says remove.
  3. Pull the filter out
  4. Make sure that you remove any o rings(little black rubber circles) out of the machine because if you have 2 o rings on top of each other water will leak out.
  5. Install the new filter. Once again make sure there is only one set of o rings.
  6. Put the filter holder back on and then lock it in place by turning it in the "install" position
  7. Press the filter reset button on the machine
  8. Install the water filter cover
  9. With the power turned off run the water for 3 minutes to adapt the filter to water

Can you prove Kangen Water is micro-clustered?

Have you ever tried to make tea with cold water? It is not possible right? Normally it will not work unless you boil the water. You need to heat up the water to get the water molecules moving and bouncing off of each other so that they can penetrate the tea bag and draw out the tea. But guess what? You can make tea with cold water! All you need is ionized micro-clustered Kangen water with a pH of 9.5. Basically the reason it works is because ionized Kangen water is restructured and the molecule clusters are smaller than ‘normal’ water. Just imagine trying to throw a soccer ball through a chain link fence. It will not work unless you launch it fast enough that it breaks through the fence (heating up water). But if you tried to throw golf balls at the fence they would go right through. This is why you can make tea with cold Kangen water. The structure of the water is changed and it can go places where normal water can’t. This is another reason why Kangen water is so good for you. It can hydrate you faster and more efficiently than other waters out there.

Is Enagic's Kangen Water a Scam?

According to dictionary.com a scam is a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle or to cheat or defraud with a scam.

Is Kangen Water a confidence game or fraudulent scheme trying to make a quick profit?

Once again from dictionary.com fraud is defined as deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage. So it all comes down to this. Is Enagic (the company that makes Kangen Water Machines) tricking you with its Kangen water machines to make a profit? The answer to this is NO!

If you really sit down and learn about Kangen water there is no trickery, deceit, or fraud involved. The Kangen water demonstration is real and backed by real facts and science.

You cannot force tea to be made by using cold water unless it really does have a smaller water molecule structure.
You cannot force pH drops to change color to purple unless the water really has a pH of 9.5 and above.
You cannot force oil to mix with water unless the pH of the water really is is 11.5.

If all of these facts are true than the Kangen water machines do exactly what Enagic claims the machines should do they are not a scam. Kangen water machines are designed to change the pH of your tap water and to make it a strong antioxidant and that’s exactly what they do.

Since we know that the Kangen water machines are not a fraud what about the cost? Is Enagic trying to swindle or cheat to make a quick profit? Not at all. Enagic has been around for over 40years (founded in 1974) and they have offices all over the world and sell to even more countries. Kangen water machines come with a 3-5 warranty and the company has a return policy they have everyone sign before they buy. Enagic is very upfront with what the cost is and how to maintain your machine. Enagic has service technicians in most offices and they know their product. Enagic has real offices with real phone numbers that are answered by real people. Here is the whole list to Enagic office location around the world. Enagic has been around for a long time and it is not going anywhere unlike the other sketchy companies out there.

Kangen water is not a scam and Enagic is not a scam! Unfortunately the websites online that claim Kangen water is a scam are actually the scammers that use that title as clickbait to click on their lousy website to buy their junky products (which are not certified as medical devices like the water ionizers from Enagic) that will make you sick. If Enagic is a scam and fraud how did it get all the ISO certifications, gold seal from the water quality association, and all the other awards and certificates? Sure the other sites have so called awards but what are they for and can you click on them to see the actual certificates or are they just images logos they found online. Anyone can post anything online and posting a logo of an award is useless unless it is backed by the real thing. Enagic has links to the real certificates so don’t be fooled by the scammers that use fake awards to make themselves look better. If the other "ionizer" companies cannot prove to you that they are certified as a medical device do not drink the water that comes out of that machine. You may be drinking more than just water (heavy metals). Get the real award winning ionizer that the others compare themselves to.